Lagdou/Valni/Skirmish Hacking Notes

I. Differences from normal CUEs

Lagdou, Valni and the Skirmishes use a different format when loading units, it's not entirely random as it once was thought. It's actually pretty fixed, and thus you can control it once you know how it works. This opens a lot of new possiblities.

First of all you have to know when the Alternate format kicks in and when the Standard format perseveres (AF and SF). Very simple. Before I continue I'll post some labels for easier understanding:

0x5F - Monster Boss
0xAA - Monster/ Zombie
0xAB - Monster/ Mummy
0xAC - Monster/ Skeleton
0xAD - Monster/ Skeleton (Bow)
0xAE - Monster/ Hellbone
0xAF - Monster/ Hellbone (Bow)
0xB0 - Monster/ Bael
0xB1 - Monster/ Elder Bael
0xB2 - Monster/ Cyclops
0xB3 - Monster/ Mouthdog
0xB4 - Monster/ Cerberus
0xB5 - Monster/ Tarvos
0xB6 - Monster/ McDaire
0xB7 - Monster/ Mogall
0xB8 - Monster/ Arch Mogall 0xB9 - Monster/ Gorgon Egg
0xBA - Monster/ Gorgon Egg
0xBB - Monster/ Gargoyle
0xBC - Monster/ Deathgoyle
0xBD - Monster/ Dracozombie

Those are the pointers used in all LVSs (Lagdou/Valni/Skirmish). These basically determine what will come out, but it's not entirely tied to that.

Now to determine if it's Standard or Alternate, just check the Class Hex and if the unit has anything specific equipped. For example:

Unit Hex: 0xAA / Zombie
Class Hex: 0x52 (Revenant)
Level, Coordinates and other pointers follow
Slot 1: 0xAD (Rotten Claw)
^ This is Standard, it will load exactly what it says ^

Unit Hex: 0xB9 / Gorgon Egg
Class Hex: 0x17 (Assasin)
Level, Coordinates and other pointers follow
Slots 1-4: 0x00 Separator
^ This will load a Gorgon with Demon Surge ^

Do you get this? When the Item Slots are filled with separators (0x00) and the Class Hex does not match the monster hex, it is Alternate formated.

Those are all the only differences. Hopefully I've made myself clear. Now on to the specific notes.

Author: FurryYunSeong

Game: FE8