Tactics Universe2

Tactics Universe, or, An Ancient History of Elibe (June 2006--), is a currently owned and operated by Fire Blazer. Sporting a full array of character, map and storyline changes, as well as detailed ASM and event modifications, it remains the most fully accomplished FE Mod to date.


Tactics Universe first began as a concept under the jurisdiction of the forum Fire Emblem Universe as a mild forum community hack, much in the vein of other similar projects at the time, including FESS7 and several joint projects. Spearheaded initially by community founder and known hacker ArchsageX, the project was created merely to test one's limits with then-current modding achievements while simultaneously allowing the members of the Fire Emblem Universe Community their own piece in a grand project. The concept eventually evolved from a mere pipe dream to a full-on operation, joined by several members for assistance both in modification and details on graphics and storyline, most notably then FEU moderator Swordsalmon and Blazer himself.

For the preliminary months, an eager flux of progress began to be visible with many members enthusiastic to the idea of a project on a scale as grandiose as this community endeavor appeared, character profiles beginning to be submitted in droves; approximately a week and a half after the topic for submissions was opened, the majority of playable spots had been immediately filled, more than half of accepted profiles already sporting their own graphics set, from face sprites to battle stances, as well as a full serving of statistics and storyline text. This was later complemented towards the beginning to mid-2007 with newly created sections with hidden information for more privy information of the project, included, but not limited to, developing chapter scripts, logs of event modifications and other relevant code. By the time late 2007 appeared, the endeavor seemed fully underway and nearly prepared for insertion.

2007-2008: Host Changes and Preliminary ExperienceEdit