0x08677650 to 0x0869D3B4 - Instrument Maps
0x0869D3B4 to 0x0869D6E0 - ?
0x0869D6E0 to 0x0869F620 - Song Array
0x0869F620 to 0x0869F624 - Zero (dummy value; entries in the song array for nonexistent songs point here)
0x0869F624 to 0x08AA2CF0 - Sample data
0x08AA2CF0 to 0x08AEAE8C - Song data


Instrument maps consist of up to 128 entries of 12 bytes each. It is assumed that maps are never deliberately overlapped, but some are (determined by chasing pointers) not the full length - although the last one (determined by examining the data) is. There are 118 distinct pointers to instrument maps, yielding an average map length of about 109.45 instruments.

0x0869D3B4 to 0x0869D6E0 might contain wavetable data for synthesized sound. There do not appear to be any 'key-split' instruments in the FE7 ROM.

Each sample in the sample data region has a 16 byte header; the rest of the data is 8-bit, mono, linear PCM.

Song data consists of track data followed by track metadata. The song array points to the track metadata entries; the first of these is at 0x08AA3898.