0x08000000 to 0x080000C0 - ROM header
0x08677650 to 0x08AEAE8C - Audio
0x08AEAE8C to 0x08B855A4 - Text
0x08BA13D0 to 0x08BA14D0 - Spell Animation Program Counter Array
0x08BE516C to 0x08C96BC0 - Character Portraits
0x08D00000 to 0x08E00000 - Free Space
0x08E00008 to 0x08E00518 - Class Animation Array
0x08E02000 to 0x08FA4FF8 - Class Animations

Common patches:

FEditor Adv applies the following patches (TODO: indicate which is which):

0x08004364 to 0x08004380 - Auto Patch
0x080067B2 to 0x080067B8 - Auto Patch
0x08012C6C to 0x08012C90 - Auto Patch
0x0801745E to 0x08017464 - Auto Patch
0x0802A02C to 0x0802A030 - Auto Patch
0x0803E8D6 to 0x0803E8DA - Auto Patch
0x08040492 to 0x08040496 - Auto Patch
0x0804C334 to 0x0804C338 - Auto Patch
0x08067920 to 0x08067924 - Auto Patch
0x080A0856 to 0x080A085A - Auto Patch
0x080A0950 to 0x080A0954 - Auto Patch
0x080A1162 to 0x080A1166 - Auto Patch
0x080A12A6 to 0x080A12AA - Auto Patch
0x080A1E5C to 0x080A1E60 - Auto Patch
0x080CB51A to 0x080CB992 - Auto Patch
0x080CB994 to 0x080CB9FA - Auto Patch
0x080CB9FC to 0x080CBA06 - Auto Patch
0x080CBA08 to 0x080CBA32 - Auto Patch


Follow links for more details. Italic text denotes that not every byte in the range is known to be used for the indicated purpose, but there are relatively few unaccounted-for bytes. Boldface indicates external links for documentation of common content types.