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FEditor Adv is a Java-based application for modifying all three GBA Fire Emblem games. It was created by Hextator; he later received help from Zahlman.


  • Portrait Editor
  • Text Editor
  • Class Animation Creator
  • Class Animation Manager
  • Spell Animation Inserter
  • ROM Map creation

Release NotesEdit


  • Empty at the moment

Goals for Upcoming ReleaseEdit

  • Move FE 6 auto patches that are overwriting level up number graphics so that they are out of the way, preferably next to the AH patch
  • Make auto patches able to be selectively disabled by having the source for the int[][][]s returned by getPatches able to be loaded dynamically from text files with support for comments
  • Redo auto patches to be assemblable all at once
  • Add CG editor for at least FE 7
  • Add auto patch for the graphical fix for units that use both magic and melee weapons
  • Fix OAM rendering
  • Fix palette editing support for class animations
  • Add palette editing support for character animations
  • Add support for generating battle backgrounds, at least for FE 7, by extending the CG_Image model
  • Add battle background editor for at least FE 7
  • Add feature for describing a memory map of the ROM based on what FEditor is "aware of" and have the result able to be saved to a text file
  • Port CG/battle background editors to FE 8 and FE 6 where applicable
  • Integrate more external features into the main GUI
  • Remedy more of FEditor's code marked with "XXX", "FIXME", "TODO" and similar comments
  • Add custom chapter support (including map, event and starting location editing)


FEditor can be downloaded via FEUniverse directly from Hextator[1].

Click on "Latest Version" to download.

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