0x00 - Inside House
0x01 - House in Caer Pelyn
0x02 - Village
0x03 - Road to village
0x04 - Road to village(sunset)
0x05 - Village(closeup)(Ch. 5)
0x06 - Village(closeup)(flashback)
0x07 - Portside
0x08 - Aboard the boat
0x09 - Inside a pub
0x0A - Inside Castle
0x0B - Inside Castle(dark)
0x0C - Inside Grado Keep
0x0D - Inside Grado Keep(darker)(flashback?)
0x0E - Inside Conference Hall
0x0F - Inside Conference Hall(flashback)
0x10 - Along Castle Halls(Ch. 1 End)
0x11 - Along Castle Halls(nighttime)
0x12 - Along Castle Halls with Door
0x13 - Courtyard
0x14 - Courtyard(flashback)
0x15 - Outside Castle
0x16 - Outside Castle(flashback)
0x17 - Prison Cell
0x18 - Plainside with Trees
0x19 - Plainside with Trees(sunset)
0x1A - Plainside with Trees(fog)
0x1B - Plainside with Mountain Range
0x1C - Plainside
0x1D - Mountain Range with Trees
0x1E - Mountain Range with Trees(Fog)
0x1F - Mountain Range with Trees(sunset)
0x20 - Mountain Range with Trees(nighttime)
0x21 - Plainside with Pond
0x22 - Forest
0x23 - Thick Forest
0x24 - Outside Village
0x25 - Outside Fortress
0x26 - Within Castle(Ch. 1 start)
0x27 - Within Castle(brown)
0x28 - Inside Ruined Fortress
0x29 - Outside Ruined Fortress
0x2A - Jehanna Hall
0x2B - Jehanna Hall(on fire)
0x2C - Grado Sacred Stone Altar
0x2D - Grado Sacred Stone Altar(grey)(flashback?)
0x2E - Renais Sacred Stone Altar
0x2F - Rausten Sacred Stone Altar
0x30 - Desert
0x31 - Darkling Woods
0x32 - Volcano
0x33 - Front of Dark Temple
0x34 - Inside Dark Temple
0x35 - Garbled mess
0x36 and onward - Crashes Game


List compiled by MageKnight404.

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