This documents nearly each value of the pointer array at C9C9CC. The pointers in the array refer to events, maps, tilesets, and various other things used in chapters. This documentation is for FE7.

0x00 None
0x01 ObjectSets: Sacae Plains
0x02 Palette: Sacae Plains: Light Sand
0x03 Set confic: Sacae Plains
0x04 Prologue Map
0x05 Animation: Water (Fields; Plains; M&S)
0x06 Prologue Events
0x07 Palette: Sacae Plains: Dark Sand
0x08 Ch.1 Map
0x09 Ch.1 Events
0x0A ObjectSets: Plains&Castle
0x0B Palette: Plains&Castle: Bright
0x0C Set config: Plains&Castle
0x0D Ch.2 Map
0x0E Ch.2 Map Tile change
0x0F Ch.2 Events
0x10 ObjectSets: Town&Docks
0x11 Palette: Town: Cliffs&stone road unusable
0x12 Set config: Town&Docks
0x13 Ch.3 Map
0x14 Ch.3 Map Tile change
0x15 Ch.3 Events
0x16 ObjectSets: Fortress&Fields
0x17 Palette: Fortress&Fields: Dawn
0x18 Set config: Fortress&Fields
0x19 Ch.4 Map
0x1A Ch.4 Map Tile change
0x1B Ch.4 Events
0x1C ObjectSets: Fields
0x1D ObjectSets: Fields
0x1E Palette: Fields: Sunny weather
0x1F Set config: Fields
0x20 Ch.5 Map
0x21 Ch.5 Events
0x22 Palette: Town: Cliffs&ship unusable
0x23 Ch.6 Map
0x24 Ch.6 Map Tile change
0x25 Ch.6 Events
0x26 Ch.7 Map
0x27 Ch.7 Map Tile change
0x28 Ch.7 Events
0x29 Palette: Plains&Castle: Neutral
0x2A Ch.7x Map
0x2B Ch.7x Map Tile change
0x2C Ch.7x Events
0x2D Ch.8 Map
0x2E Ch.8 Map Tile change
0x2F Ch.8 Events
0x30 Ch.9 Map
0x31 Ch.9 Map Tile change
0x32 Ch.9 Events
0x33 Palette: Fields: Darker; suitable for rain
0x34 Ch.10 Map
0x35 Ch.10 Map Tile change
0x36 Ch.10 Events
0x37 Ch.11E Map
0x38 Ch.11E Map Tile Change
0x39 Ch.11E Events
0x3A Palette: Plains&Castle: Castle Ostia/Laus
0x3B Ch.11H Map
0x3C Ch.11H Map Tile Change
0x3D Ch.11H Events
0x3E Ch.12 Map
0x3F Ch.12 Map Tile change
0x40 Ch.12 Events
0x41 Ch.13 Map
0x42 Ch.13 Map Tile change
0x43 Ch.13 Events
0x44 Palette: Fields: Night
0x45 Ch.13x Map
0x46 Ch.13x Map Tile change
0x47 Ch.13x Events
0x48 Palette: Fields: Darker; suitable for rain
0x49 Ch.14 Map
0x4A Ch.14 Map Tile change
0x4B Ch.14 Events
0x4C Ch.15H Map
0x4D Ch.15H Map Tile change
0x4E Ch.15H Events
0x4F Ch.15/16 Map
0x50 Ch.15/16 Map Tile change
0x51 Ch.15/16 Events
0x52 Palette: Plains&Castle: Castle Caelin
0x53 Ch.16/17 Map
0x54 Ch.16/17 Map Tile change
0x55 Ch.16/17 Events
0x56 Palette: Town: Ship&stone road unusable
0x57 Ch.16x/17x Map
0x58 Animation: Water (Town&Docks)
0x59 Ch.16x/17x Map Tile change
0x5A Ch.16x/17x Events
0x5B ObjectSets: Ship
0x5C Palette: Ship
0x5D Set config: Ship
0x5E Ch.17/18 Map
0x5F Animation: Water (Ship)
0x60 Ch.17/18 Map Tile Change
0x61 Ch.17/18 Events
0x62 Palette: Fields: Dull; suitable for fog
0x63 Ch.18/19 Map
0x64 Ch.18/19 Map Tile change
0x65 Ch.18/19 Events
0x66 Palette: Fields: Sunny weather
0x67 Ch.18x/19x Map
0x68 Ch.18x/19x Map Tile change
0x69 Ch.18x/19x Events
0x6A ObjectSets: Mountains&Shrine
0x6B Palette: Mountains&Shrine: Neutral
0x6C Set config: Mountains&Shrine
0x6D Ch.19x pt2 Map
0x6E Ch.19x pt2 Map Tile changes
0x6F Ch.19x pt2 Events
0x70 Ch.19/20 Map
0x71 Ch.19/20 Map Tile changes
0x72 Ch.19/20 Events
0x73 Palette: Town: Night
0x74 Ch.20/21 Map
0x75 Ch.20/21 Map Tile changes
0x76 Ch.20/21 Events
0x77 Palette: Fortress&Fields: Daytime
0x78 Ch.21/22 Map
0x79 Ch.21/22 Map Tile changes
0x7A Ch.21/22 Events
0x7B ObjectSets: Desert
0x7C Palette: Desert
0x7D Set config: Desert
0x7E Ch.22/23 Map
0x7F Ch.22/23 Events
0x80 Palette: Plains&Castle: Green&blue
0x81 Ch.22x/23x Map
0x82 Ch.22x/23x Map Tile changes
0x83 Ch.22x/23x Events
0x84 Ch.23/24 Map (Lloyd)
0x85 Ch.23/24 Map (Lloyd) Tile changes
0x86 Ch.23/24 (Lloyd) Events
0x87 Ch.23/24 Map (Linus)
0x88 Ch.23/24 Map (Linus) Tile changes
0x89 Ch.23/24 (Linus) Events
0x8A Palette: Fields: Neutral
0x8B Ch.25H Map
0x8C Ch.25H Map Tile changes
0x8D Ch.25H Events
0x8E Ch.24/26 Map
0x8F Ch.24/26 Map tile changes
0x90 Ch.24/26 Events
0x91 ObjectSets: Snow
0x92 Palette: Snow
0x93 Set confic: Snow
0x94 Ch.25/27 Map (Kenneth)
0x95 Ch.25/27 Map (Kenneth) Tile changes
0x96 Ch.25/27 (Kenneth) Events
0x97 Ch.25/27 Map (Jerme)
0x98 Animation: Shimmering ice (Snow)
0x99 Ch.25/27 Map (Jerme) Tile change
0x9A Ch.25/27 (Jerme) Events
0x9B Palette: Plains&Castle: Night
0x9C Ch.26/28 Map
0x9D Ch.26/28 Map Tile change
0x9E Ch.26/28 Events
0x9F Palette: Plains&Castle: Purple
0xA0 Ch.26x/28x Map
0xA1 Animation: Water (Plains&Castle)
0xA2 Ch.26x/28x Map Tile changes
0xA3 Ch.26x/28x Events
0xA4 Ch.27/29 Map
0xA5 Ch.27/29 Map Tile changes
0xA6 Ch.27/29 Events
0xA7 ObjectSets: Lava Cave
0xA8 Palette: Lava Cave
0xA9 Set config: Lava Cave
0xAA Ch.28E Map
0xAB Animation: Lava (Lava Cave)
0xAC Ch.28E Map
0xAD Ch.28E Events
0xAE ObjectSets: Sand Cave
0xAF Palette: Sand Cave
0xB0 Set config: Sand Cave
0xB1 Ch.30H Map
0xB2 Ch.30H Map Tile changes
0xB3 Ch.30H Events
0xB4 Ch.29/31 Map
0xB5 Ch.29/31 Map Tile change
0xB6 Ch.29/31 Events
0xB7 Palette: Town: Ship&stone road unusable
0xB8 Ch.29x/31x Map
0xB9 Ch.29x/31x Events
0xBA Ch.30/32 Map
0xBB Ch.30/32 Map Tile Changes
0xBC Ch.30/32 Events
0xBD Palette: Mountains&Shrine: No plains
0xBE Ch.32x Map
0xBF Ch.32x Map Tile changes
0xC0 Ch.32x Events
0xC1 ObjectSets: Dragon's Gate
0xC2 Palette: Dragon's Gate
0xC3 Set config Dragon's Gate
0xC4 Final Ch. pt1 Map
0xC5 Animation: Gate and flames (Dragon's Gate)
0xC6 Final Ch. pt1 Map Tile change
0xC7 Final Ch. pt1 Events
0xC8 Final Ch. pt2 Map
0xC9 Final Ch. pt2 Map Tile change
0xCA Final Ch. pt2 Events
0xCB [3642E8] Town Sunset Palette
0xCC [CE3A60] Outside Araphen Cutscene Map
0xCD [CA6890] Outside Araphen Cutscene Events
0xCE [36423C] Outside Fort Cutscene
0xCF [CA68F0] Outside Fort Cutscene Map Changes
0xD0 [364108] Outside Fort Cutscene Events
0xD1 [CA6950] Ostia Cutscene Map
0xD2 [363FE4] Ostia Cutscene Map Events
0xD3 [CA69B0] Castle Cutscene Map
0xD4 [366678] Castle Cutscene Events
0xD5 [363E80] Laus Cutscene Map
0xD6 [CA6A10] Laus Cutscene Events
0xD7 [363D2C] Mountains and Shrine Palette
0xD8 [CA6A70] Nergal and Kids Cutscene Map
0xD9 [360538] Nergal and Kids Cutscene Events
0xDA [363C58]Uther Cutscene Map
0xDB [CA6AD0] Uther Cutscene Events
0xDC [363B7C] Plains and Castle Cutscene Palette
0xDD [CA6B30] Athos Shrine Cutscene Map
0xDE [363A38] Athos Shrine Cutscene Events
0xDF [CA6B90] Strange Building Cutscene Map
0xE0 [3603F8] Strange Building Cutscene Events
0xE1 [363900] Nino Town Day Cutscene Map
0xE2 [CA6BF0] Nino Town Day Cutscene Events
0xE3 [363800] Fields Cutscene Palette
0xE4 [CA6C50] Path to the HQ Cutscene Map
0xE5 [3636F4] Path to the HQ Cutscene Events
0xE6 [CA6CB0] Black Fang HQ Cutscene Map
0xE7 [3602B8] Black Fang HQ Cutscene Events
0xE8 [3635B0] Forests Cutscene Map
0xE9 [CA6D10] Forests Cutscene Events
0xEA [363474] Town Night Palette
0xEB [CA6D70] Nino Town Night Cutscene Map
0xEC [363328] Nino Town Night Cutscene Events
0xDE [CA6DD0] Cave with Ninian Cutscene Map
0xEE [3631C8] Cave with Ninian Cutscene Events
0xEF [CE3B40] Ostia with Athos Cutscene Map
0xF0 [CA6E30] Ostia with Athos Cutscene Events
0xF1 [3630C0] Closed Dragon's Gate Cutscene Map
0xF2 [362FB8] Closed Dragon's Gate Cutscene Map Changes

0xF3 Closed Dragon's Gate Cutscene Events

0xF4 Link Arena Map (Don't use)

0xF5 Unknown Map (Don't Use)

0xF6 Unknown Events