This documents nearly each value of the pointer array at B363C. The pointers in the array refer to events, maps, tilesets, and various other things used in chapters. This documentation is for FE8.

Not used
Object type
Map Palette 1
Tile Configuration
Prologue Map
Tile animations 1
Prologue Map changes
Prologue events
Ch 1 Map
Ch 1 map changes
Ch 1 events
Ch 2 map
Ch 2 Tile changes
Ch 2 events
Object type 2
Map palette 2
Tile configuration 2
Ch 3 map
Tile animations 2
Ch 3 map changes
Ch 3 events
Ch 4 Map
Ch 4 Map changes
Ch 4 events
Object type 3
Map palette 3
Tile confihutation 3
Ch 5x map
Tile animations 3
Ch 5x Map changes
Ch 5x Events
Ch 5 Map
Ch 5 map changes
Ch 5 event data
Ch 6 map
Ch 6 Map changes
Ch 6 events
Ch 7 map
Ch 7 map changes
Ch 7 event data
Ch 8 map
Ch 8 map changes
Ch 8 event data
Ch 9 Eir. map
Ch 9 Eir. map changes
Ch 9 Eir. Events
Object type 4
Map palette 4
Tile configuration 4
Ch 10 Eir. Map
Ch 10 Eir. Map changes
Ch 10 Eir. Events
Map palette 5
Ch 12 Eir. Map
Ch 12 Eir. map changes
Ch 12 Eir. event data
Map palette 6
Ch 13 Eir. Map
Ch 13 Eir. Map changes
Ch 13 Eir. Events (3B)
Object type
Map palette 7
Tile configuration 5
Ch 14 Eir. Map
Ch 14 Eir. Map changes
Ch 14 Eir. Events
Object type 6
Map palette 8
Tile configuration 6
Ch 15 map
Ch 15 Map changes
Ch 15 Eir. events
Map palette 9
Ch 16 Map
Ch 16 Map changes
Ch 16 Eir events
Map palette 10
Ch 17 Map
Ch 17 Map changes
Ch 17 Eir. Events
Object type 7
Map palette 11
Tile configuration 7
Ch 18 Map
Tile animations 4
Ch 18 Map changes
Ch 18 Eir. Events
Map palette 12
Ch 19 Map
Ch 19 Map changes
Ch 19 Eir. Events
Map palette 13
Ch 20 Map
Ch 20 Map changes
Ch 20 Eir. Events
Object type 8
Map palette 14
Tile configuration 8
Final Chapter Map 1
Final Chapter Map 1 changes
Final Eir. events 1
Final Chapter Map 2
Final Chapter Map 2 changes
Final Eirika events 2
Map palette 15
Ch 9 Eph map
Ch 9 Eph Map changes
Ch 9 events
Object type 9
Map palette 15
Tile configuration 9
Ch 10 Ephraim map
Ch 10 Ephraim map changes
Ch 10 Ephraim events
Map palette 16
Ch 11 Ephraim map
Ch 11 Ephraim map changes
Ch 11 Ephraim events
Ch 13 Ephraim map
Ch 13 Ephraim map changes
Ch 13 Ephraim event data
Object type 10
Map palette 17
Tile configuration 10
Ch 14 Ephraim map
Tile animations 5
Ch 14 Ephraim map changes
Ch 14 Ephraim event data
Ch 15 Ephraim event data
Ch 16 Ephraim event data
Ch 17 Ephraim event data
Ch 18 Ephraim event data
Ch 19 Ephraim event data
Ch 20 Ephraim event data
Final Ephraim events 1
Final Ephraim events 2
Tower of Valni Object type
Tower of Valni map palette
Tower of Valni Tile configuration
Tower of Valni 1 Map
Tower of Valni 1 Map changes
Tower of Valni 1 events
Tower of Valni 2 map
Tower of Valni 2 map changes
Tower of Valni 2 events
Tower of Valni 3 map
Tower of Valni 3 map changes
Tower of Valni 3 events
Tower of Valni 4 map
Tower of Valni 4 map changes
Tower of Valni 4 events
Tower of Valni 5 map
Tower of Valni 5 map changes
Tower of Valni 5 events
Tower of Valni 6 map
Tower of Valni 6 map changes
Tower of Valni 6 events
Tower of Valni 7 map
Tower of Valni 7 map changes
Tower of Valni 7 events
Tower of Valni 8 map
Tower of Valni 8 map changes
Tower of Valni 8 events
Lagdou ruins palette
Lagdou ruins 1 Map
Lagdou ruins 1 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 1 Event
Lagdou ruins 2 Map
Lagdou ruins 2 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 2 Event
Lagdou ruins 3 Map
Lagdou ruins 3 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 3 Event
Lagdou ruins 4 Map
Lagdou ruins 4 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 4 Event
Lagdou ruins 5 Map
Lagdou ruins 5 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 5 Event
Lagdou ruins 6 Map
Lagdou ruins 6 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 6 Event
Lagdou ruins 7 Map
Lagdou ruins 7 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 7 Event
Lagdou ruins 8 palette
Lagdou ruins 8 Map
Lagdou ruins 8 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 8 Event
Lagdou ruins 9 Map
Lagdou ruins 9 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 9 Event
Lagdou ruins 10 Map
Lagdou ruins 10 Map changes
Lagdou ruins 10 Event
Lords split map
Lords split map changes
Lords split events
Melkaen Coast map
Melkaen Coast map changes
Melkaen Coast event
Link arena map C9
An interesting map...
An interesting map events...
Debug map
Debug map events
Map palette
Ch 11 Eirika map
Ch 11 Eirika map changes D0
Ch 11 Eirika events
Ch 11 Ephraim map
Ch 11 Ephraim tile animations
Ch 11 Ephraim map changes
Ch 11 Ephraim events
Grado castle map
Renais castle map
Caer Pelyn map
Renais throne map
Renais throne map changes
Renais audience map
Renval gate map
Grado borders map
Grado prison map
Grado prison map changes
Grado shrine map (past)
Grado shrine map changes (past)
Renais shrine map
Renais shrine map changes
Some path map
Some building map
Another shrine palette
Another shrine map
Another path map
Grado shrine map (present)
Ch 5 town palette (past)
Ch 5 town map (past)